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We do not need Magic…

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Voici une double page réalisée pour une amie sur le thème de la magie et de la nature :
Here’s a double-page made for a friend about magic and nature: chaier aude blog

(click to enlarge)

Quote: “We do not need Magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better”. J.K. Rowling

See you soon / À bientôt ! * Eklipsnoire *


Life Book 2014 – Week One: Guardian


Second exercice of the Life Book 2014 Week One: paint your guardian, with your word of the year. My word for the year is “Explore”.
What do you think?

Deuxième exercice pour le Life Book 2014 première semaine : peindre son gardien (en l’occurrence une gardienne!), accompagnée de mon mot de l’année “explorer”.
Qu’en pensez-vous?


* Eklipsnoire *

Life Book 2014 – Week One: Warm-up

Who so I decided to register to Life Book this year! This was a last minute decision, and I don’t regret it so far!
It’s my first art course ever, so I try to follow every step consciously.

Here’s the Week One Warm-up:


* Eklipsnoire *

Health Journal

Inspired by the Fit Journal from Blogilates, here is a homemade Health Journal made from:

– notebook received as a gift
– fabric I had on my shelf
– leftover paper and metal embellishments from another project
– Pitt Faber Castel pen ~ Sepia
– glue

The aim is to keep track of my workouts and alimentation to keep a balance.

Here are some pictures:

2013-11-18 21.35.50

Detail of the front embellishment:
2013-11-17 19.11.44

The spine:
2013-11-17 19.12.18

And the back cover:
2013-11-17 19.13.52

The closure system, with elastic thread:
2013-11-17 19.11.50
The inside: one page for one day:

2013-11-18 21.36.21

2013-11-18 21.36.38

That’s how I’ve filled it in so far, for a few weeks worth, leaving the rest of the pages blank for now: I might want to adapt the content after a few days of utilisation, and that way I will be able to do so if I need!



Junk Journal from recycled envelopes

If you have 20+envelopes laying around, you can easily do this junk journal at home!
Preferably used envelopes, the aim is to recycle!

Si vous avez un tas d’enveloppes usées à la maison (oui, déjà utilisées tant qu’à faire, le but étant de recycler!), vous pouvez facilement faire vous aussi ce Junk Journal!

This journal making has been inspired by Jennibellie, have a look for more details about the binding technique:


You’ll need / Il vous faut :

  • envelopes of roughly the same size (the number depending of how big you want your journal) / enveloppes d’à peu près la même taille (le nombre dépend de la taille du journal que vous voulez avoir)
  • a large needle / une grosse aiguille
  • some thread, large and resistant / du gros fil, laine ou fil ciré
  • some cardboard (cereal box…) for the cover / du carton léger (paquet de céréales…) pour la couverture
  • cutter or scissors /cutter ou ciseaux

I first cut the extremities of the envelopes on both sides with a cutter, on 1 or 2 mm, so that the envelopes gathered in signatures create pockets on both sides. Each signature has 5 envelopes, creating pages, 10 pockets.
I used 4 signatures of 5 envelopes, for a total of 40 pages/pockets.

Chaque enveloppe s’est vue “étêtée” à l’aide d’un cutter, en coupant 1 ou 2 mm pour créer une pochette. Les enveloppes sont ensuite réunies en signatures par 5, chaque signature a donc au final 10 “pages”, c’est à dire 10 pochettes.
J’ai utilisé 4 signatures de 5 enveloppes, pour un total de 40 pages/pochettes.


You will need to cut in the cereal box a cover large enough to cover the envelopes + the width you want for the binding. You then handsew the signatures into the cover to do the binding:

Il faut découper dans le carton une couverture assez grande pour couvrir les enveloppes pliées en deux + la largeur de la tranche. Les signatures sont ensuite cousues main dans la couverture :


Where envelopes had features I liked, I kept them:

Là où les enveloppes avaient des spécificités qui m’intéressaient, je les ai gardés, comme ci-dessous :


Next you can decorate the cover and/or the inside with paint/pattern paper/collage.

Vous pouvez ensuite décorer l’ensemble avec de la peinture/du papier à motifs/ des collages.

Et voilà!!:


I use it as a smash journal, where I stack and collage various ephemeras from daily life: letters from friends (for which the pockets created with the envelopes can be very handy!), movie tickets, short journaling etc, with the help of washi tape and quick embellishments.

Je m’en sers comme d’un Smash Journal, où je colle et conserve tout un tas d’objets que je veux garder : lettres de la part d’amis (pour lesquelles les pochettes créées à partir des enveloppes sont très pratiques), tickets de cinémas, courts résumés du jour etc, avec l’aide de washi tape et autres décorations.

* Eklipsnoire *

Catch-Up Friday: Launch

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Well well well.
I noticed that I have difficulties writing a whole post for all these “little things” I produce every week. Isn’t it a waste for this blog? Why having a blog if I’m afraid of posting on it, or don’t feel like what I make is interesting enough for a full-length post??

J’ai remarque que j’ai souvent du mal à poster à propos des petits trucs que je fais tout au long de la semaine, qui ne sont pas assez beaux ou importants pour faire l’objet d’un billet complet. Mais bon franchement, c’est dommage parce qu’au final, je ne blogue que sur très peu de mes créations…

Alors mon petit doigt m’a soufflé une solution! Catch-Up Friday!
Sooooooo… Found a solution! I present you “CATCH-UP FRIDAY” ! 🙂

C’est très simple, tous les vendredis je posterai en vrac des photos des petits projets et autres babioles, et si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez-pas!

It’s very simple: every Friday I will be posting about all these small creations I would never had posted about or write a full article about, with just a few photos, and no or little text!

I hope this will help me share more of what I do on my creative time, as usually less than 10% of what I do ends up on this blog… And if you want more explanations about one project in particular, the comments are here for asking, are they not? 😉

So here’s what I’ve done in the past few weeks, but was to shy to post about:

Altered cigar box turned into crayons box:
Boîte à cigares transformée en trousse de bureau:

(wooden box, glue, two layers of paper, embellishments)IMGP6112


Washi-tape storage book made out of toilet paper rolls: (technique inspired by Jennibellie)
Rouleaux de papier toilette recyclés en carnet à papier washi: IMGP6115

Inside: home-made washi tape:
À l’intérieur : washi maisonIMGP6116

Travel washi-tape holder: (inspired by Jennibellie , again!! ^^ )
 Support de voyage pour washi:IMGP6117

That’s all for this week!

See U


* Eklipsnoire *

Quick recycling before starting a new week

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Refusing to go to bed with low spirits, I decided to go for a short recycling project: plastify stamps so that I can reuse them in various projects, including sewing the stamps for example.

You will need:

  • Used stamps, possibly chosen around a theme or topic that will inspire you for future projects
  • transparent packaging plastic, or transparent plastic bags
  • iron
  • wax paper
  • cissors
  1. cut the plastic into a shape that fits the size of your stamp x2, so that you can place you stamp on one half of the plastic shape and fold it in half over it, fully covering the stamp on both sides
  2. fold you wax paper in two
  3. place the stamp and its folded plastic between the two layers of wax paper
  4. iron for a few seconds on both sides, always moving your iron

Be careful when retrieving the now plastified stamp: it is hot!

Note that you can add as many layers of plastic as you want.
Also, you can practice and try with several quality of plastics/colored plastics etc.


Cut and equalise the edges if you feel necessary to do so:IMGP6102

A few examples I made tonight:IMGP6092


And this is the plastic I used for this project, coming from the packaging of the suitcase I purchased a few weeks ago for my travels of the summer:


Now you can use the plastified stamps for all kind of crafty projects!

I’ll be using mine on a sewing project I have, I’ll come back soon with a second tutorial then!