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Catch-Up Friday: Launch

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Well well well.
I noticed that I have difficulties writing a whole post for all these “little things” I produce every week. Isn’t it a waste for this blog? Why having a blog if I’m afraid of posting on it, or don’t feel like what I make is interesting enough for a full-length post??

J’ai remarque que j’ai souvent du mal à poster à propos des petits trucs que je fais tout au long de la semaine, qui ne sont pas assez beaux ou importants pour faire l’objet d’un billet complet. Mais bon franchement, c’est dommage parce qu’au final, je ne blogue que sur très peu de mes créations…

Alors mon petit doigt m’a soufflé une solution! Catch-Up Friday!
Sooooooo… Found a solution! I present you “CATCH-UP FRIDAY” ! 🙂

C’est très simple, tous les vendredis je posterai en vrac des photos des petits projets et autres babioles, et si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez-pas!

It’s very simple: every Friday I will be posting about all these small creations I would never had posted about or write a full article about, with just a few photos, and no or little text!

I hope this will help me share more of what I do on my creative time, as usually less than 10% of what I do ends up on this blog… And if you want more explanations about one project in particular, the comments are here for asking, are they not? 😉

So here’s what I’ve done in the past few weeks, but was to shy to post about:

Altered cigar box turned into crayons box:
Boîte à cigares transformée en trousse de bureau:

(wooden box, glue, two layers of paper, embellishments)IMGP6112


Washi-tape storage book made out of toilet paper rolls: (technique inspired by Jennibellie)
Rouleaux de papier toilette recyclés en carnet à papier washi: IMGP6115

Inside: home-made washi tape:
À l’intérieur : washi maisonIMGP6116

Travel washi-tape holder: (inspired by Jennibellie , again!! ^^ )
 Support de voyage pour washi:IMGP6117

That’s all for this week!

See U


* Eklipsnoire *


Quick recycling before starting a new week

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Refusing to go to bed with low spirits, I decided to go for a short recycling project: plastify stamps so that I can reuse them in various projects, including sewing the stamps for example.

You will need:

  • Used stamps, possibly chosen around a theme or topic that will inspire you for future projects
  • transparent packaging plastic, or transparent plastic bags
  • iron
  • wax paper
  • cissors
  1. cut the plastic into a shape that fits the size of your stamp x2, so that you can place you stamp on one half of the plastic shape and fold it in half over it, fully covering the stamp on both sides
  2. fold you wax paper in two
  3. place the stamp and its folded plastic between the two layers of wax paper
  4. iron for a few seconds on both sides, always moving your iron

Be careful when retrieving the now plastified stamp: it is hot!

Note that you can add as many layers of plastic as you want.
Also, you can practice and try with several quality of plastics/colored plastics etc.


Cut and equalise the edges if you feel necessary to do so:IMGP6102

A few examples I made tonight:IMGP6092


And this is the plastic I used for this project, coming from the packaging of the suitcase I purchased a few weeks ago for my travels of the summer:


Now you can use the plastified stamps for all kind of crafty projects!

I’ll be using mine on a sewing project I have, I’ll come back soon with a second tutorial then!




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Yes, I know, not a very original topic.

I will write this one only in English, sorry for my French spreaking friends, but sometimes things are more ealisy said in a foreign language. It feels less compelling and constraining, words come out fresh and bright with much less judgement on myself.

It is really hard to find creative time lately.
Not that I don’t have time, I do. But I can’t figure out how to dedicate that time to creative stuff. All my creativity is stuck inside me, struggling to get out.

Millions of ideas bump into each other in my head but rarely make it to the paper, and even more rarely to the finished project. And then only 5% of these finished projects make it to the blog. For example, I started that “Crazy June” project, where I wanted to create 1 thing per day, whatever the media, through June. Although I did create quite a few things, almost none of them have made it to here. I shamely always find excuses not to put them online – not enough time, no good enough pictures, not satisfied with the product… – and this is very typical of me. While I’m actually quite aware that critics are necessary to improve and evolve, I just can’t get through the the whole process of exposing what I consider being most probably not interesting at all to you guys. Not that it should count, I guess, as a blog is more about working on expressing yourself than answering to a specific demand, but still, I obviously need to work on it, a lot, if I am ever to pass over that “stucked-creativity-stage” that too often comes upon me.

And I stay at my desk facing the blank page/the waiting switched-on sewing machine/the unfinished post draft/the slowly drying paint on the palette.

Well. I’d better get back to it, and try switching from one form of art to another, and try and find where lies my inspiration. See if that works.

See you,