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Quick recycling before starting a new week

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Refusing to go to bed with low spirits, I decided to go for a short recycling project: plastify stamps so that I can reuse them in various projects, including sewing the stamps for example.

You will need:

  • Used stamps, possibly chosen around a theme or topic that will inspire you for future projects
  • transparent packaging plastic, or transparent plastic bags
  • iron
  • wax paper
  • cissors
  1. cut the plastic into a shape that fits the size of your stamp x2, so that you can place you stamp on one half of the plastic shape and fold it in half over it, fully covering the stamp on both sides
  2. fold you wax paper in two
  3. place the stamp and its folded plastic between the two layers of wax paper
  4. iron for a few seconds on both sides, always moving your iron

Be careful when retrieving the now plastified stamp: it is hot!

Note that you can add as many layers of plastic as you want.
Also, you can practice and try with several quality of plastics/colored plastics etc.


Cut and equalise the edges if you feel necessary to do so:IMGP6102

A few examples I made tonight:IMGP6092


And this is the plastic I used for this project, coming from the packaging of the suitcase I purchased a few weeks ago for my travels of the summer:


Now you can use the plastified stamps for all kind of crafty projects!

I’ll be using mine on a sewing project I have, I’ll come back soon with a second tutorial then!




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