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Catch-Up Friday: Launch

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Well well well.
I noticed that I have difficulties writing a whole post for all these “little things” I produce every week. Isn’t it a waste for this blog? Why having a blog if I’m afraid of posting on it, or don’t feel like what I make is interesting enough for a full-length post??

J’ai remarque que j’ai souvent du mal à poster à propos des petits trucs que je fais tout au long de la semaine, qui ne sont pas assez beaux ou importants pour faire l’objet d’un billet complet. Mais bon franchement, c’est dommage parce qu’au final, je ne blogue que sur très peu de mes créations…

Alors mon petit doigt m’a soufflé une solution! Catch-Up Friday!
Sooooooo… Found a solution! I present you “CATCH-UP FRIDAY” ! 🙂

C’est très simple, tous les vendredis je posterai en vrac des photos des petits projets et autres babioles, et si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez-pas!

It’s very simple: every Friday I will be posting about all these small creations I would never had posted about or write a full article about, with just a few photos, and no or little text!

I hope this will help me share more of what I do on my creative time, as usually less than 10% of what I do ends up on this blog… And if you want more explanations about one project in particular, the comments are here for asking, are they not? 😉

So here’s what I’ve done in the past few weeks, but was to shy to post about:

Altered cigar box turned into crayons box:
Boîte à cigares transformée en trousse de bureau:

(wooden box, glue, two layers of paper, embellishments)IMGP6112


Washi-tape storage book made out of toilet paper rolls: (technique inspired by Jennibellie)
Rouleaux de papier toilette recyclés en carnet à papier washi: IMGP6115

Inside: home-made washi tape:
À l’intérieur : washi maisonIMGP6116

Travel washi-tape holder: (inspired by Jennibellie , again!! ^^ )
 Support de voyage pour washi:IMGP6117

That’s all for this week!

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